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SOAR's Vision

We strive to offer an opportunity for aerialists of all levels & ages to perform and compete in a wholesome, family-friendly,

studio-oriented environment. 



Working From Home

To Our
Studio Owners:

•    An Open Line of Communication

•    Online Registration

•    Video Adjudication

•    Welcome Package

•    Teacher's Lounge

•    Fair Judging

•    Personal Experience with Faculty

•    Studio Incentives – Studios of all sizes

To Our Aerialists:

•     A Fun and Professional Environment that Instills Growth

•     Judges that Smile at You While You Are Competing

•     Awards that You Can Be Proud Of

•     Onstage Games During Judges Breaks for the Aerialist

•     More Performance Experience Bettering You as an Aerialist

•     A Competitive Environment with a Positive Experience For Everyone

Mother and Child

To Our Parents:

•   A Kind and Professional Environment that Cultivates Performance and Holistic Growth

•   Modest Costume, Music & Choreography Requirements

•   To Love Your Children as if They Were Our Own!

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