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Fort Mill, SC 2.4.22:

Rigging Information

All Aerial Apparatuses will be provided by SOAR. Each competition may vary due to the locations abilities. If you have any questions, contact us at



The Sling will be rigged as a loop from a singular point with a swivel.  The sling will be a 14+ ft long with a medium-stretch fabric. The Slings will be at a set height for the majority of the performers. 


Group Category: Max 8 Slings


The Silks will be 15 yards of medium stretch fabric hung as two fabrics from a singular point with a swivel from 18 ft with 4-6 ft of excess fabric on the ground.


Group Category: Max 8 Silks



The Lyra will be a steel hoop rigged as a single tab, with an auto locking carabiner connecting the hoop to a 6 ft span set. Hoop will be wrapped in a smooth cable tape. Chalk may be used. Two Lyra sizes will be available: 2x 31 inches & 2x 36 inches.


Group Category: Max 4 Lyras 


The Trapeze will have both thimbles attached to a singular rigging point with a swivel. The elbows will be padded and wrapped with a soft suede fabric and the bar will be taped with smooth cable tape. The ropes will be lengthened to 9+ ft. 


Group Category: Max 4 Trapeze

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