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Rules & Regulations

SOAR Rules



·       Refunds or rescheduling will be allowed if the venue cancels.

·       There is no limit to the number of entries a studio may enter.

·       All entries must be submitted with payment in full using cashier’s check or money order. Studio checks will only be accepted 28 days prior to event. There will be a $50 fee added to all returned checks. NO studio or personal checks will be accepted at the event. 

·       All entries must be entered or postmarked at least 30 days in advance of the first day of competition. Late entries will be accepted after the 30 day deadline, but are subject to a $10.00 per entry late fee, until competition has been sold out.

·       All routines must be 100% appropriate. This is a family event.  Any routine deemed inappropriate or immodest by our staff will be disqualified, no refunds.

·       All aerialists/performers, teachers, parents and audience members should conduct themselves in an appropriate manner at all times during the competition.

·       Dressing rooms will be assigned when at all possible.

·       A 10 point deduction will be made for routines that are not completed on the first try. Technical difficulties will not be held against a performer.

·       Routines must be performed in the order in which they were scheduled. Only staff/backstage manager may change the order due to costume changes. Routines must be performed on their scheduled day.

·       Studio Directors will be given a copy of the competition schedule one week prior to the event. All changes and/or corrections must be submitted before the stated deadline. 

·       No instructing from the sides of stage or audience. Assisting may result in disqualification and/or point deduction.

·       Studio Instructors will need to provide proof of age within 1 hour, if asked by a staff member.

·       Studio owners will need to have their aerialist ready to perform one hour prior to their scheduled time. Failure to adhere to this guideline may result in a point deduction.

.      A $5 observer band is required for parents, friends, & family. Does not include the coach.




·       The Sling will be rigged as a loop from a singular point with a swivel.

·       The Silks will be 15 yards and 108 inch wide of medium stretch nylon tricot fabric hung as two fabrics from a singular point, with a swivel from 18 ft, leaving 4-6 ft of excess fabric on the ground.

·       The Lyra will be a steel hoop rigged as a single tab, with an auto locking carabiner connecting the hoop to a 6-8 ft span set. Hoop will be wrapped in smooth cable tape.

·       The Trapeze will have both thimbles attached to a singular rigging point with a swivel. The elbows will be padded and wrapped with a soft suede fabric and the bar will be taped with smooth cable tape.

·       Acro performed as a routine containing acrobatic technique with dance steps to connect moves.

·       There is an Open Category allowing the aerialist(s) to incorporating more than one aerial apparatus in the same routine. For example, tying your Silks into a Sling Knot with your feet or hands, then continuing the routine as if the Silks apparatus was a Sling.


*Please note that SOAR will not be hosting competitions for non-traditional aerial apparatuses at this time. Please contact SOAR directly regarding any question about non-traditional apparatus being offered in the future.



All of our equipment has been measured in KN (kilonewton - carabiners, spansets, etc.) which is a standard of measurement used to determined a hardwards ability to withstand dynamic force.


All equipment will be rigged to i-beams (25 ft ceilings), basketing the spansets over the i-beam, by two people, a structural engineer and an aerial rigger.



·       Studio Owners may contact our office for pricing

.       Entry is available for individuals (please email for more info)

.      A $5 observer band is required for parents, friends, & family. Does not include the coach.



·       A 5% rebate of entry fees is available to studios whose entries are postmarked and paid in full 45 days prior to the first day of competition.



·       A detailed schedule will be sent to studios 5-10 days before the Competition Date.


·       Solo & Duet/Trio- 4 minute maximum

·       Small Group- 4 minute maximum

·       Large Group- 4 minutes maximum

·       Super Group/Line- 6 minutes maximum

·       Productions- 10 minutes (includes set up and teardown of props)
Extra time may be purchased for group entries. Please contact our office for clarification.


·       No use of live props, such as animals or people during a routine. No dangerous or destructive props such as fire, water, knives, guns, swords, glitter, confetti, paint, etc.

·       Props may be used in all categories. Please limit all set and removal of props to one minute, with the exception of Production.



·       All costumes must be appropriate for the competitor's age and level.

·       NO two-piece costumes permitted.

·       NO exposed midriffs

·       NO jewelry that could harm the performer or apparatus such as: necklaces, bracelets, rings, watches, ankles, dangly earring.

·       Stud Earrings are permitted.

·       Bottoms must cover a minimum of the area a leotard would cover.

·       Unitards or Biketards with Nude Tights recommended.

·       Failure to adhere to SOAR’s Attire Policy will result in being disqualified. 



- Inappropriate music (sexually suggestive or cruse words) will result in disqualification. Please keep it family-friendly. 


- Inappropriate choreography will result in disqualification. Please keep it family-friendly. 


·       All video recording and photography of any kind is PROHIBITED. This is put in place to protect choreography and costumes of all studios. Failure to comply, could result in the disqualification of the routine. Our staff reserves the right to remove the media being used or those using it from the event.

·       A professional photography and videographer will be available at venues for performers to purchase their own photos and videos.


·       Diamond     285-300

·       High Platinum    267-284

·       Platinum      250-266

·       High Gold     235-249

·       Gold     220-234

·       Silver     200-219


·       We will provide a panel of competent judges consisting of teachers, choreographers, and/or working professionals.

·       Routines will be given a numerical score from each judge.

·       Judging will be based on technique, choreography, execution of choreography, presentation, skill difficulty for the overall category, costume and overall appeal.

·       Judges decisions are FINAL.

·       If a tie in scoring occurs, the tie will be broken based on technique, then choreography, execution of choreography, presentation, costume and overall appeal. If a tie still exists, the judges will make the final decision.

·       A minimum point requirement must be met to receive 1st place in the event that only one entry is registered in that category.

·       When possible, SDC will provide critiques to each studio owner from all three judges for each routine. Critiques will be given in written, audio, and/or video format.

·       SDC will not be held responsible for music or score sheets left behind at competition.



·       Every entry/routine will be receive a trophy representing their adjudicated score.

·       Cash prizes and/or gift certificates will be given to select overall winners.

·       Special Awards: SDC Studio of the Day, Highest Score of the Day, Choreography Award, Judges Choice Awards, Entertainment Award, and State Aerial Champion.

·       All cash awards, gift certificates, and/or scholarships will be based on the number of total entries for the competition.
If there are 1-4 routines in a division – 1st place only will be awarded.
If there are 5-6 routines in a division – 1st – 3rd place will be awarded.
If there are 7-11 routines in a division – 1st – 5th place will be awarded.
If there are 12 or more routines in a division – 1st – 10th place will be awarded.

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